Originally performed by Phish
I'm feeling like I used to belong
Running around this place
My theory was 'head home before dawn'
Or end up without a space
My future was some merry-go-round
On horses that learned to fly
My problem was I'd barely slow down
But found myself back at my...

Home, rest assured
And a life, unobscured

I'd toss way some days at a time
Into the folder now
Ain't feeling it
Stop stealing my lines
Over and over now
Outstanding with both hands in the night
Looking for local life
Years older I resist and refine
All that I can when I'm...

Home, rest assured
And a life, unobscured
Wide open door
While I hide by the shore

My feelings are best left to the side
First I get off the road
I wish I had more time to unwind
But I haven't cracked that code
My history, I tend to revise
With chapters upon the floor
I tell myself I'm part of a tribe
And that I've been here before

Home, rest assured
And a life, unobscured
Hide by the shore
While outside of the door

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